Wazhat! Wahzat!

Superstition much?!!


Today a big black bird (crow/raven don’t know) flew into my living room, took perch on a chair and stared me down for a few minutes. It did not move until I attempted to get up and shoo it. I had a small freak out. Because a black bird staring you down must be a bad omen RIGHT?! The feelings of trepidations that instantly took me over seem to suggest that.
For the most part I shrug off superstitions and the whole bad omen thing because I believe in GOD and whom shall I fear with God by my side right. But it still spooked me and had me shaky for a while. What could it mean, why me YIKEs is something going to happen to me? to my children? my husband ? my sisters? my mother? For those brief moments I decided it had to mean something BAD but why where is it written that a black bird means something wrong and so what if it was a big black bird if it was a big brown bird I would have no issue I would probably have said ..Oh no boor birdie is lost. And why couldn’t it mean something positive.
But I went bad omen and it took me about an hour to talk myself down from the what ifs, I said a prayer or two and have decided that it must be good. Or at any rate a bird that decided to be brave and check out the inside of the living room and its occupants.
What do you think?! Maybe I watch too many horrors giggle.


Author: kidfriendlyja

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2 thoughts on “Superstition much?!!

  1. Exactly, you just watched too much horror movies! Girl that silly didn\’t mean a thing, he just lost his way for a quick second. But you did the right thing by saying a few prayers. Don\’t worry about it, everything\’s going to be alright!

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