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Spoilt Rotten

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Recently I had some losses —
My tV went up in smoke, my television of ten years just went poof and I understandably was distraught. Sigh
then my faucet normally overfloweth with water became dry not a drop
was to be seen during the day and only a steady trickle for an hour or
so at night. Bucket baths are only cool the first two times. So I was
understandably distraught. Sigh
Which made me think, there is so
much we take for granted as normal and necessary that many people
throughout the world have never had it to miss. I have so much to be
grateful for and yet I still felt so distraught because my television
died I mean really am I serious especially since giggle we do have
another one in the bedroom.
Whether first world or third world we
are just plain spoilt we have grown accustomed to having flowing water,
electricity in our homes and movies on our tubes in colour no less. We
grumble if the a/c quits in our cars, when lights go because a
transmitter is broken. We shop at big a/ced supermarkets where food is
available from all over the world and if ever our favourite brand is
not available the swear that escapes from our lips is just never pretty
What do i hope to achieve by this ramble… not really sure. I guess it
is my reality check that I do have things good. And it is necessary for
all of us to have these reality checks from time to time to appreciate
what we do have in terms of convenience and a cushy life.
And by the way the television was fixed and the reason we are without
water from time to time is because Jamaica is currently going through a
drought so naturally we are being made to conserve because we will be
wasteful if restrictions are not put into place. Yup spoilt rotten I


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One thought on “Spoilt Rotten

  1. So true, we are just spoilt rotten in so many ways. I totally hate bucket baths! Makes me remember the horrors with WASA, and believe me, WASA has not improved one bit. In this day and age they are still rationing water and using that very "drought" excuse for their actions. That excuse is soooo played out now!Glad to hear that the tv was resurrected from the dead. Damn, you just missed out on Santa bringing you a brand new 56 inch plasma! Why you had to go and repair the ol\’ tv?! LOLDid you see that your girl Beyonce is heading to our mother country to shimmy and shake her half naked behind on Feb. 18th? Of course the "poor and broke" trinis can\’t wait for the announce as to where to get tickets.BTW, aren\’t you and the batallian supposed to be going to the mother country for Christmas? Like yuh eh goin again or wha?Have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas!

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