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Drawing a blank

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Well it seems like a long long time since I last wrote and that is because it has been a long three weeks…. so much so that my brain is full (tired) and I can’t seem to remember what I need to express. Sigh
So here goes as I try to empty it:

Christmas was good… i love Christmas it is my most favourite time of the year. I love the Nativity story, I love the Santa Clause story I love the giving of gift and I love receiving gifts and I enjoyed it even more because I was in Trinidad with my family. Being home with the family was stressful and taxing as usual. Family would be family but added to it travelling with two babies is never fun. Feel energized though something about going to Trinidad and getting my fill of family love, trini food, and a hour or two at Maracas beach and fills my batteries so I could survive another year away from my main home. 🙂

Coming back to Jamaica …sick. All the girls came back from Jamaica SICK!!!! WOrds can not describe how terrible it is to be on a plane with a 6year old vomitting with diarrhea while trying to hold a 7mth old for the 6 hours it takes to get from Trinidad to Jamaica. We ran out of clothes! Torture poor baby…poor me talk about helpless. I took her an entire week to get back to herself poor thing. One of the twins had it first and the second and myself got it so we were just not happy campers. Thank God everyone seems to be healthy now.

Life is finite… I was woefully reminded of that twice this year already! MY MOTHER was taken to the hospital in an ambulance because she blacked-out. Of course I heard about it after the fact and I am so thankful that it was not more serious well we dont know how serious it was because when she came to she left the hospital before the tests that were taken could get their results. But it is scary to think that the phone call could have gone so so different and I am happy oh so happy that it turned out good. Because God knows I am not ready to lose my mother. Dammit I need twenty -thirty more years with her. 🙂 And then immediately after that my father in law had his visit to the hospital he stayed three days much to his chagrin. We all know how much he loves the hospital. NOT! This was scary for me because this is the first time that I had to deal with him by myself as he lost coherency… this usually is a signal of a mini stroke or for the very least the brain is being starved of oxygen probably from a blood clot. Both not good reasons. Sigh… but he is good now and up to his usual stuff LOL.

On the up side… my two older ‘babies’ have birthdays at the end of this month the 23rd and the 29th..wow their numbers are getting so big 7 and 9 but they are still and i guess they will always be my babies.

so what have you been up to.


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