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I love syndication

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Being feeling a little blue… probably has to do with the fact THAT I AM NOT GETTING ANY SLEEP!!!!!!! Thank you girls… and by girls I include the older one as well … she seems to be going through some kind of insomnia challenge or something and the girls …well they are just not sleeping through the night yet so throw in a few stuffy noses et viola sleep-deprived me. Hey who am I kidding I am still trying to recover from the delivery 7mths ago.
Anyway I digress I have been feeling low and can I tell you a good dose of Frasier and Will and Grace on Lifetime will bring you up from the bluedom lickety split :).

I miss Frasier, it was/is my favourite sitcom. It makes me laugh hysterically everytime. I mean everytime 🙂
Will and Grace same thing (but really a close second to Frasier) never got to watch it in real (my husband is the stereotypical Jamaican I will not say anymore) so most of the episodes are like new.
So after two hours of comedy I may still be sleep deprived but I am definitely feeling smiley LOL

So what are your go to shows?!
I am such a tv willy.

(ps all I do these days are play with babies, breastfeed abit and watch tv)


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One thought on “I love syndication

  1. Don\’t worry I still watch them too with a healthy dose of Golden Girls. 3 1/2 Men is a favourite too.Despite hubby also being a stereotypical Jamaican, he loves the Three Stooges (go figure).

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