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As Prickly as a hedgehog


Joyce Meyers is a big part of my daily routine I watch her twice a day and recently she has been talking about taking offense. Apparently you shouldn’t take offense.
Offense- if ever there was a person who needs help with that is me. Sigh I am so sensitive I think that a prickly hedgehog has nothing on me.
I also suffer from I must always be right-ism. So trying to walk a day without  taking to heart something someone has said or did or didn’t do is very hard.
Because not only am I to bite my tongue if i dont like what I hear, I also can not be affected LOL do you know how hard that is REALLY HARD.
ANyway I am working on that and some days I am good and other days I am not. Recently the whole don’t take offense thing went flying out the window and what was worse I flung it out that window! After I flung myself after the offense and got me into a big fight I instantly regretted it… no not that I got offended, but my reaction to the offense. And the regret and remorse kicked as i remember that I despised confrontation and squabbles. And now I am angry with myself and of course the offensive person lol
Now seriously if i never took offense then those other emotions would never have the opportunity to rear their ugly heads.
Oh well today is a new day and I will continue on with this challenge of not taking offense. And like the hedgehog I will try to keep of my prickles 🙂


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3 thoughts on “As Prickly as a hedgehog

  1. Every day is a new day to learn and grow, and you are doing that. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and one foot in front of the other!

  2. Thanks Becca you are so right 🙂

  3. Oh really now!? Bite my tongue, I\’m not too sure of that one. It is possible not to take offense, but I\’m not too sure of the former. Maybe, according too what is said or who said it – lol – just maybe!

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