Wazhat! Wahzat!



Ok it is official. I have been stomped by a 2nd grader. I am doing homework with my son and there is a sum that I can not figure out how to get the answer… ok I mean I cant explain it to him so that he can get the answer.
Now I have my bachelors, I graduated from the honors class no less and I cant figure out a simple mathematics sum ARGHHHHHHHH
I feel like such an idiot… a dolt. Imagine I am not any smarter than a 2nd grader! Have I mentioned that I dont like home work.

Here is the sum
of course I do know the answer plus I do have a calculator LOL but he needs to show working and I cant remember how to get to the result. Sigh


Author: kidfriendlyja

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5 thoughts on “Stomped

  1. You\’re going to have to do some borrowing;) -T

  2. lol T lots of borrowingthanks c h of course you are right 🙂 for some reason I just couldnt see it but after a powwow with my hubbie I was like oh yeah of course. LOL

  3. oh and yes 92 is the answer

  4. Oh yes, this happened to me a few months ago when I was helping my niece with her home work! I was so embarassed, I completly forgot about the borrowing and all that. LOL – it was very humbling to have my 9 year old niece say "no auntie, you have to strike this, and add one here, then minus this from that…" and so on. But it\’s all good. At least we know that they\’re learning and we still have the ability to learn too – lol – to put it nicely. Remember – once a man, twice a child!

  5. It\’s not called borrowing any more; it is regrouping. Boy, did I get in trouble when I said "borrowing" a "few" years back when I did my student teaching! We call this "mind farts." Hope all is well, g

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