Wazhat! Wahzat!

And the sun came out!


It rained this morning WOOHOO!
Now who would have thought that I would be so excited about rain. LOL
well I was! I may have mentioned before Jamaica has been going through
a drought. Sigh what a drought … no water from the sky means no water
in the reservoirs which means no water in the taps ARGHHHH
Now in the wake of Haiti’s disaster I have been trying very hard not to be ungrateful for what I do have.
I woke up one morning and really thought about what it must be like
waking up after an earthquake that has destroyed almost everything
around you. Imagine you have lost everything and you can’t even look to
your neighbour or your neighbour’s neighbour  or the hospital or the
church to help with shelter because they have all lost everything under
rubble. There is no roof over your head, your bed is broken and gone,
your parent, your child are no longer there to console you because they
are gone. How scary is that?! I am never sure if I am praying right but
I must say that this incident has sure jolted me into praying for these
people especially for the children.
But it has been hard keeping the grumbling from coming out when I turn
on the tap for the third day in a row and the only thing to come out of
it is a whistling song. Thank God for tanks and functioning pumps.
Thank God for the two days that we do get water though because most
times it is at full pressure and even Thank God for the days of
trickles because this means we can at least fill up some bottles and
wash our hands.
And on thinking of Haiti I am thankful that the only thing that we have to do without is some water a few days of the week.
Keeping Haiti in our thoughts 🙂
Be thankful

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “And the sun came out!

  1. Well said and amen.

  2. And thank God for a sister like you who keeps my faith and hope in life alive………..i love you!!

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