Wazhat! Wahzat!

Things that I love


I went blog visiting my friend Dory and she had the original version of this and she asked everyone -what do you love? and I couldn’t shut up so I decided to continue it here
I love ….
sitting by the beach feeling the sand meld with my feet and the sea breeze blowing through my hair and tickling my nose
an ice cold Carib as I enjoy the sun of the beach
Barnes and Nobles and the feeling that I could read all the books there if given a chance
reading a good book… I love love love reading anything glossy
looking at my son playing with my daughter
their laughter
looking at my husband as he tells a story that I have heard a
hundred times with a sparkle in his eye as if it was the first time
hot phoulorie from a man round the Savannah
the Savannah especially when the Poui that live there decide to coat it with their delicate blooms
Carnival around the Savannah
the mischievous glimmer in my baby girls eyes especially when one walks all over the other
to see them ‘talk’ to each other …yes they do
the sunset
the moon that was in the sky last night did you see it it was gorgeous
my sisters they are the best human beings in the world 🙂
vanilla ice cream
making brownies
the idea of candy … skittles, lollipops, candy cane, chocolate etc a pity I dont have a sweet tooth.
Orange and gold, purple and peach and dusty rose… strangely I have grown to love all shades pink and even some blue
gold…the colour and the metal
spitty baby kisses
Liming with good friends
phone calls with my mother…and daddy too
mashed potato and gravy, macaroni pie and callallo, baked chicken
the quiet as all those under 5 feet finally go off to sleep
looking at the ‘angelic’ faces of my children as they sleep.

Whew that is all …for now
So what do you love?!


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Things that I love

  1. What a delightful list. I am not very creative in writing these days but will try sometime in the future. Now I am going to go look up what phoulorie is!

  2. How nostalgic could you be?! Oh gosh girl, you took me straight back home to eating phoulorie with tamberine sause or sweet curry mango and doubles around the savannah. Not too sure bout the Carib – wayyyyyyyy too bitter for my taste buds. But we do have quite a few things in common to love about our home island – TRINIDAD!!! Wish I was there now on a beach out of this damn cold that just wouldn\’t go away already!!!!!!!!!

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