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Incest is what incest is no matter who consented

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I just finished reading a particularly disturbing fictional story of this young girl in essence seducing her father in order to help him get over the hurt of his wife leaving the family … yes her mother. Instantly the Mckenzie Phillips story of her having ‘consentual’ sex with her father came into my mind. She was bantered around the talk show circuit  because of how shocking a story it was/is and then they were all abuzz again when she recanted this confession saying that incest can not be consentual.

And you know what she is RIGHT .

Any father that willingly has sex with their child is a monster whether it was the child’s idea or their idea. A father is responsible for taking care of and protecting their children all of them and to consider violating their daughter or son like that is so wrong. What a weak spineless character he must be to do such an awful thing to someone you are supposed to love.

I was so shocked that the media and its audience was not as appalled by this whole story as I was. They were all like well she said it was consentual so clearly she wanted it so lets all joke about it. But how they hear consent when in the same breathe she talked about how stoned and drugged up she was during that period. Immediately I thought here was a person in need of psychiatric help. I think it is sad that this global society that we exist in could be so jaded that we can joke about something so insidious and disgusting as incest just because they were/are ‘famous’ celebrity kinds.

Rape and incest rocks me to the core everytime and I had been meaning to vent on this topic when it was hot but got too busy to do it. Sorry for jumping onto my soapbox about such a morbid subject.
Have a great weekend. 🙂


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One thought on “Incest is what incest is no matter who consented

  1. I couldn\’t agree with you more. This world has become so accepting of sinful behavior that the outcries are only against what tics off someone personally.

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