Wazhat! Wahzat!

What a weekend


I was really bad this weekend…

I slipped so badly with this no tv thing for lent LOL.
As I said before I am the only one not watching  tv for lent so every where I turned this weekend there was a television on and me watching it. Even the children’s shows I found myself gazing at them and then I had to shake and move on until eventually on Sunday I gave up the ghost and watched a bit of the Academy awards because I was snealing a peek anyway <<giggle>>

Though my son really got way too much tv as well. I guess that is why I kept getting involved in his show. He got to watch it from Morning to night on both Saturday and Sunday. Really really really bad. As a rule I try to keep his tv watching to one hour maybe two with breaks in between. And usually I have homework to help keep the tv down but he was fortunate this week- no homework, busy mummy and a WHOLE lot of tv with some computer thrown in. I deserve a time out. <<sigh>>

Anyway this week is new opportunity so I will not beat up myself too bad.

Still on the tv issue– my daughter was looking at an ad, which this time I was not focusing on, and here is how the conversation goes:-
Mummy do you want a butt enhancer*
A butt enchancer Mummy dont you want one?
No! I do not want one of those I dont need that
(and I go on with my business to which my husband not hearing the conversation asks)
So baby you think Mummy needs a butt enhancer (snicker snicker)
YES! (in her cute little girl voice)
To which my husband nearly dies with laughter, my daughter is feeling proud like peach and I pelt the both of them with some socks I was holding.

We had pizza this weekend… my husband decided to try the new Dominos which is closer to us than the usual Pizza Hut we order from and he showed real patience and control when Dominos delivered the wrong soda, didnt send the portable credit card machine and wait for this…. DIDN’T CUT THE PIZZA!!!!!
He nearly blew a gasket holding in the cuss words that I know was milling around in his head. He promptly sent everything back and called and calmly told off the manager and ordered the pizza from Pizza Hut LOL.
Well Dominos after taking their scolding and I guess seeing the whole uncut pizza called back (while we were chowing down on our hot Pizza Hut pizza) and offered to give us the offer free of charge. SO in the end we had two pizzas and really full stomaches. <<giggle>>

The reason he had so much restraint is due to the fact that he lost his cool on the football field ( he plays amateur football(soccer) every weekend as a form of exercise) even though he was thinking that it was wrong to it  he said what the heck and kicked a fellow player hard and damaged his knee not the other guy. ok I know I shouldnt but LOL hahahaha ! He is now hubbling around and regretting it sorely. The plus is he is being babied by me and he hasnt had to leave the house since it happened.

So how was your weekend LOL!

* Because it was of so little interest to me I cant remember the correct name of the butt enhancer 🙂


Author: kidfriendlyja

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3 thoughts on “What a weekend

  1. I don\’t think I could give up my tv. I know for sure I couldn\’t give up my computer! lol! More power to ya!!!!!

  2. You know ur father would tell u that u can watch tv on a sunday, so ease ur self up hon and look forward to a sunday it will get you through the week faster. love you lots!!

  3. LOL – does she even know what the butt enhancer is?OMG, no way. I would have been able to deal with all the others, but not cutting the pizza! No, that one I surely would have delivered those cuss words and gotten free pizza too. How careless could they have been? Too bad, that money is coming out of somebody\’s pay for those pies they had to give away.Have a great weekend!

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