Wazhat! Wahzat!

Happy Easter!

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For God so love the world he gave his only son!
And I am forever grateful 🙂

Isn’t this a lovely image kind of like something I could paint /draw if I wasnt so swamped . Drawn by someone named Nancy Cagle.

Easter is by far my second most favorite holiday (Of course Christmas comes in first :))
Honestly the only thing we do is go to church and maybe on the rare occasion have a family luncheon. But I love Easter the thought of Jesus rising on this day always gives me a glow which is a good thing because I am always in a weepy funk all day on Good Friday. The whole cruxificion story depresses me everytime and I always wish I could change the outcome some way ( yes I know if the outcome was changed we will not be freed from ‘death’ and our sins will not be forgive) but the awfulness of Jesus death shakes me to the core every year. So I rejoice in  Easter Sunday and the fact that God’s son has risen up and it is good!

Happy Easter

ps love the commercial. side of it too though my poor children will never know because I don’t do the candy thing . Not good for my son he is on a gluten free, casein free, sugar free diet, so I just don’t give it to my daughter either. But I will indulge in some now share it with me
hugs every one


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One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. 好棒的地方 我一定要常來~~~^^~—-幫忙踩個人氣 http://bm2aal.idv.tw

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