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Knock knock…is it my deodorant


I stumbled onto blogging by accident. I read an article on msn and at the end it asked if I wanted to blog on it and I clicked yes not sure what that meant I think I thought I was to comment on it in a drop down box. But no the next thing I know I had set up an account and writing my first opinion on something. I never thought about some one reading my comment and to be honest I have since deleted that entry because it was definitely very heated LOL.

I found that I enjoyed writing what was on my head and I never thought about anyone reading it. For that matter I enjoyed the freedom of speaking my mind on things or chatting about frivolous stuff and not worrying whether I was being read or not.

And then I got my first comment– I nearly dropped out of my seat there was people out there so I went looking and there began my blog walk experience and I have never looked back. I have ‘met’ some really interesting people and I stomped around in their back yards and shared in all that they had to offer and I delighted when they passed by and did the same to me. I honestly can call some of them friends and would love to meet them in real.

But as it is with life change happens and people move on and out I got busy having babies and all of a sudden all my people save for two are missing in action. I have literally had to slink around like a private investigator to find the ones that simply moved. I feel sad because many have just simply stop blogging altogether. SIGH How am I going to know if they are okay. I really miss them.

I almost want to say to the ones that I have found again…what what is it my deodorant.

Looking at Julie/Julia recently I felt a little sad that I dont have a big following so to speak.As some of the people I visit regularly do, but it is only a fleeting emotion as I know a large following means large and sometimes mean comments. So I stay away from that thought.

The good thing though about blog land you can have a grand ole time
visiting and checking up without any visitors coming over it feels like
constant vacation. And you get to meet new people and make new friends
so life feels good. LOL

But to the friends who are gone I say a fond farewell and hope that they see this and know that I have them in my thoughts.
And Fay this is not for you because God is going to fling those blessings at you real soon and you will be back again giving us insight into your life.



Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Knock knock…is it my deodorant

  1. I know what you mean about people disappearing. I have found quite a few on facebook, though. It is so much easier there because you don\’t have to think out paragraphs.I think a lot of people have left, too, because of the constant annoying changes to spaces. Oh, well, let\’s keep in touch! g

  2. Yes g you are right most people left because of the changes… and boy are they annoying! Still sad… and of course we will keep in touch

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