Wazhat! Wahzat!



I am sure I may have mentioned it a few times since the year has started that Jamaica is in a drought. There has been no meaningful rainfall in Jamaica since last year April I guess so the dams are nearly dry. As a result we have been put on a tight water schedule and in my area we get water on two days only and if we are lucky it is not just a trickle. There have been days when there is no water inside of the house because the water pressure is so low, but it is flowing outside in the lower lying pipe. Even though we have two (2) tanks we have numerous gallon bottles with collected water because we have found out that these tanks can’t last pass three days what with the 9-10 people using it daily. SIGH

This water ration has been such a stress when water does come in the anxiety to get all water related thing done like shower, shampoo hair, fillup water bottles ensure the tank is full and wash clothes is nerve-racking. And to be honest depressing. I have a greater appreciation for all those people in the world who don’t have running water. What a joy it is when water is there and what a trek you have to take if there is no water. When i start back working I think I need to pledge money to some of those organization that helps supply drinking water to those areas.

Earth day is coming up and I also have a greater appreciation for that as well. We as people need to do all that we can to keep our planet alive and healthy. Stop polluting, littering and wasting water.

Although to be honest when the drought was broken this Saturday… boy did it rain 🙂 It rained for a day. I think the whole of Jamaica did a dance. Well I know I did which is particularly funny as I really am more of a sunshine girl and rain depresses me, but not this time…. I did indulge in a fair amount of water wastage LOL

However the rain came and went.
The place is all beautiful and lush for now
and the water has been shut off again because hey one day of rain does not fill a dam!
 Hopefully the clouds in the sky right now will bring more rain and I promise not to say rain rain go away,
then this drought will definitely be considered over and done with 🙂
Preparing my rain coat just in case LOL
(loving the red shiny one )


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Rationed

  1. Praying that rain comes your way, G.

  2. OMG, I so remember those days of filling every pot, pan, barrel, bucket, bottle, container…. just about everything that could hold water because of WASA woes, and sadly it is still going after all those years!I\’ve been praying for rain for you all in the islands – everytime it rains here (like yesterday and the day before), I say go to Trinidad rain. I\’ll now have to add "go to Jamaica rain". BTW, we\’ll be having rain all week next week, so I\’d be praying and sending rain for you.

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