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Looking for my body! have you seen it?!


This is not for the squimish.
If you don’t like reading about body issues then I think you should stop here LOL!

Jillian Micheals of  Biggest Loser fame recently said that she would rather adopt than get pregnant and ruin the body that she worked so hard for. ( ok i added the worked so hard for part) and I understood what she was saying. Recovering from a pregnancy can be rough… not everybody can bounce back immediately.

Now don’t get me wrong I would never give up the experience of  carrying my children and having them, it is the aftermath that I am not happy with. I keep looking in the mirror and am so not enjoying what looks back.The twins sweethearts that they are unknowingly  wrecked my body. I honestly can’t look at my stretch marks and say YEAH those are my trophies I see them more as battle wounds. To be fair I recovered quickly after my first two pregnancies. The boobs got too small but everything else went back into bikini- ready place 5 months after delivery. With the twin pregnancy I was a whole lot bigger…of course I was carrying two LOL and I had a c-section (worst experience in my life) And going on 11 mths later I still have a ‘paunch’, no muscle tone, no shape. 😦
No shape ’cause I have lost too much weight (no sleep will do that to you LOL) I feel like one of those older skinny women with skin flapping all around me
Breastfeeding always works for me in terms of losing pounds. And the cup size is also a great side benefit. Though even though I knew it was going to happen it still almost knocked me out senseless when I went from channeling Pamela Anderson ok maybe not as drastic as Pamela but you get my drift to channeling Keira Knightley overnight when the girls decided to stop breastfeeding at 9 mths. <<pout>>

I miss breast feeding. I didn’t normally but I guess knowing that this is the last I would be breastfeeding made me feel really sad. Anyway I digress I lost my body and I am fighting hard to find it back LOL

Coincidentally one of my fave blog reads wrote about this same issue as did a fave of hers. Theirs though was so much more positive take a look see at Bird on the Street and Mom Tried it

By the by I am lucky that my audience is small and not male oriented LOL because I think most people would be like what will all this talk about boobs.

Have a great day.


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4 thoughts on “Looking for my body! have you seen it?!

  1. Hi G, as you know I haven\’t been down this road AS YET, and judging from the stretch marks that I\’ve seen on a whole lot of women, I can truly say that I\’m SCARED!!! Scared, because they are ultra, super, UGLY!!! As for the c-section thingy, I\’m already prepared for that since my surgery last year. I was told that\’s the way I have to go. So that ugly keloid (that scratches like hell) is already there under my already hanging gutt and waiting to opened sliced open again when delivery time rolls around (whenever that is). As for them "girls" I have over here, gravity already got to those two, so I don\’t have to worry about that either- but Victorias Secret "Angels" does a wonderful work on those girls for me. I suggest you give it a try too, at least you\’d get one issue fixed without being drastic as those two babes in the above photos! Lol – I\’m sure after this comment you\’d have a few male folk over here all up in our business!Take care girlie

  2. Vicky Secrets "Angels" got to look into those LOL Thanks FAB 🙂

  3. Gravity, what a concept. It is not MY friend! If only we could be happy with what we\’ve got. I\’m trying. Really, really trying. T\’ain\’t gonna happen, though!

  4. Don\’t worry we\’re all in it together my visit home to B\’dos last week, my mum noted when I was dressing one day "Wow Kellee you\’ve lost your breasts, welcome to the club." But she always seems to be prepared and gifted me with many victoria secret bras, Thanks mum. P.S. the small paunch is hard work, it\’s much harder now after 3 kids, so as my mum noted "Eat in moderation (snacks included), do some exercise but mix it up and don\’t worry if u miss a day or 2, it\’s all about being healthy." Currently in the process of roping in my co-worker another mother of 3 who complains daily about her paunch. SO NO MORE EXCUSES FOR US, got a nice routine that changes daily, so no boredom and if we miss a day, there\’s always tomorrow.

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