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I am too Original/ Happy Mother’s day


Well here I was thinking I was so original and then I find out that I am not.
I always make my own cards if I can it is something that I have been doing since I was a little girl. And in the last few years I have been making cloth bag cards of a sort and fill them with a pretty note or card or use as a gift and giving those to family and friends. My aunt wants me to do paint them up and sell and even went through the hassle of sewing up a few for me… oh the pressure. Then life happened coupled with procrastination and nothing.
Blogwalking recently I came upon a new site to me and lo and behold these two creative women are using cloth bags as envelopes for wedding invites etc and making a business from it.

Hence my I am not so original comment LOL. So they are not really like mine but still seeing them doing something similar to what I had in mind was just mind-blowing.
So yeah I know I should get off my butt and stop wasting my ideas and I promise I would seriously i promise to myself that I will start today. Heading for my paints and the bags as soon as I finish this.
Visit the site that has me thinking. And yes I can do cards too I can hear my mother nagging me from now LOL.

On another topic.
I have seen the movie Julie/Julia maybe a hundred times already. For some reason I connect to the movie.
Which is strange because I have never read or do I plan to read Julia Child’s cook book.
I think it is the taking on of a challenge that endears me to it. See I have a dream to bake cupcakes, cookies and brownies and they were doing it and I know I am going to publish some books. So I guess this movie showed me that if they could do it then why the heck shouldn’t I šŸ™‚
So I think instead of just wanting to do it I am actually going to do it. It being whatever I think of. And in the case of my cupcakes I have been stalling because I do not know how to frost and icing like I think I should so i keep wanting to take a class, but I have books I ‘ll get the tools and practice, practice, practice until I get where I want to. Wish me luck.
So what dream are you not fulfilling? Think about it

Have a great weekend!

Good to have you back Ruby šŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “I am too Original/ Happy Mother’s day

  1. Just stopping by to say hi! I loved the book Julie and Julia and the movie and I have no desire to cook anything French. It\’s just a good story.

  2. Funny you saw this. I did the same thing for my wedding (designed the cards, printed them, bought the cloth and made bags for them), I still have a sample in my stationery box, will take a pic of it and email it to you.

  3. There is a place by me that makes stuffed cupcakes. I\’ll send you the link in a private note!

  4. Girl, these days when you have an idea you have to run with it – don\’t stick at all, because God will give it to someone else and all you\’d see is how rich and happy that person is, off of "your idea". I say give it a try, you never know what\’s in it for you.Hope you had a wonderful mother\’s day & have a great weekend!

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