Wazhat! Wahzat!

Gee how time flies


Exactly a year ago and right about now 9:57pm I was laying in a hospital bed feeling a little uncomfortable and very drowsy from the sleeping pills that my doctor prescribed.
Of course I needed help to sleep because in the morning I was scheduled to have a c-section to deliver my girls and boy was I nervous!
I had been holding out hope that Twin B would turn around and get herself out of a breech position so I could have them natural BUT it never happened so there we were all three of us and my husband waiting to deliver my girls, 3 and a half weeks before my due date, early but still considered to term.

What a difference a year makes to all those fears and concerns that kept me up
The Fears:
Of the surgery– -it went well and there were no mishaps I am alive and so are the girls, but it was sucky sucky sucky I would not wish a c-section on anyone. I am still a little sore around the scar.
Of whether I could manage two babies— They were so tiny! Twin A or Love as I called her was only 4lbs 10oz and Twin B or Joy was just 5lbs and a quarter. I was afraid to hold them supposed I squooshed them, OR dropped them, BUT I had no choice and they are still around one year later and so not that that tiny any more so I feel as if I must be something right. LOL
The Concerns:
Could I breastfeed them? if so how long— OF COURSE I could and for nine months too! Woohoo!
Would the older children be ok with two babies— YES they love them and are amazingly considerate of them and me sweet sweet children.
Would I be able to give all four the attention needed— to be honest in the beginning the answer was NO it was tough tough tough… but now it is only tough tough LOL but we are all surviving and enjoying each other Thank GOD!

Wow my babies are going to be a year tomorrow and the only concern I have 🙂 is whether they would eat the carrot cupcakes that I plan to make for their birthday LOL

Life is sweet thank God time happens and fears and concerns can be left in the past.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Gee how time flies

  1. Thank God for one tiring but fun-filled year. Hope you all enjoy tomorrow\’s festivities, God bless.

  2. A delightful entry! Happy birthday to you and happy birthday to your girls! (Yes, I believe moms ought to be wished happy bd on their kids\’ bd\’s!)

  3. LOL – Happy Birthday Love & Joy!!! I hope they enjoy the carrot cake. Girl, I\’m still sore around my scar too, and it itches like a "mf"!!! I cry sometimes because I can\’t scratch it the way I want too – lol! I\’m dreading the fact the my GYN told me that I have to have a c-sect when my time rolls around. But her word is not the final say so, I\’m trusting God that it will be natural. But then again, natural is scary too eh – I\’m thinking that vajay-jay may never be the same – LOL!!!Anyways, which ever way, I don\’t care, as long as all goes well and I have a beautiful healthy child.Have a great week!

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