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The downside of Paradise


Recently I have been daydreaming about apartment living!
Yes I said it apartment living …
somewhere up north where people don’t think twice about having their air conditioner running 24/7. 365 days of the year.
Thus closing the door to the oppressive heat that starts kicking in at 8:00 am in the morning (or earlier)
Slamming in the face of those pesky, vampirous, kamikaze-like mosquitoes from swarming round your feet
Forever shutting out those ridiculously slimy-looking lizards from making their homes behind your paintings, drapes or shelving system!
Also negating the need to shut out conversations from your brain, such as these from a certain curious little girl who lives here:

Oh Mummy come look!
Look at how cute this baby lizard is
See we are playing here in the bathroom, it was stuck in the tub
Do you think it is a girl… I think so

Sounds most heaven like to me today seeing that I stepped on a baby lizard night before ( I think it lived) and crushed a lizard egg with the same toe  yuck.And you all know how I feel about lizards.
Been attacked by swarms of mosquitoes and my poor honeys too
And I am melting here because not only is it scorching it is so humid here that by eight we are all puddles LOL

Sigh …
yup apartment living is looking pretty appealing right now.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The downside of Paradise

  1. Oh, boy. I wonder how you would feel about winters here!

  2. Probably hate the winters though, when I said north I was thinking more like Florida preferably Miami…. still there will definitely be no mosquitoes, lizards or heat then for sure LOLhugs to you G

  3. LOL – yep I think that might be the way to go! OMG, she is too much. But I\’m just kidding, you\’d have too much restrictions and not enough space for the kids being an apartment dweller. But there are wonderful advantages of apartment dwelling.

  4. Yeah I know FAB but after the week i had I felt the need to fantasize LOL

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