Wazhat! Wahzat!

Self Discovery


The following things about myself have been revealed recently:

I have an addiction
Who woud have thought I would ever have put addictive and myself in the same bag any at all BUT I feel it has to be true. And what am I addicted to you may wonder?
Well I am addicted to BLOGGING, Tweeting, Face Booking, in general THE INTERNET!
I am constantly on the computer surfing the net, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, tweeting about something or someones, writing or updating my blogs and yes I have more than one with the other two IĀ  speak on thing mulling around in my head that didn’t necessarily mesh with the vibe that I have here. i love my wahzat space šŸ™‚

which leads to my next revelation:

I am envious!
Now isn’t that a sin.
I was so shocked recently when I discovered that about myself.
I have always prided myself with never being jealous or covetous of people or their things or accomplishments. I have always been happy with me and what I had or didn’t have.
BUT it is not really so.
With the diminishing of my friend list on spaces I have been stomping around in blogger world and looking at lots design sites including etsy and
I am thinking I can do this..
how come they are doing to good at this and not me.
Hey I have been blogging for four years how come I do not have as many comment
Ā šŸ˜¦
and a pout.
So I have to work on that I can’t be indulging in one of the deadly sins now can I.

On to brighter revelations:
I can bathe in cold water!
With the recent water shortage in Jamaica I have learned that bathing is possible with as little as a half of litre of water. Or even less.
And it doesn’t have to be warm to bathe in either. I now have a healthy respect for a cold shower. It is indeed invigorating. Before the drought there would be no bathing if there was no hot water, but after five to six months of low pressure water that is not enough to trigger our gas heater. I learned that any shower hot or cold is glorious and that I CAN SHOWER/BATHE in it LOL.

I am really enjoying being at home with the girls and being available for my older two.
And no I am not missing adult interaction… isnt that cool!

Okay now that is enough disclosure for one day LOL
keep good


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Self Discovery

  1. As for the addiction – that tells me that you are someone with a whole lot of "spare" time on her hands! LOL! I would also guess that you\’ve got a whole lot of good help too.Girl, sometimes not many comments means that you\’d have a whole lot of time to do what you love doing (see addiction) and not get stock reading and commenting on all those friends spaces – that\’s extremely time consuming!

  2. This is so retarded that MSN now as a limit on how long you comment has to be! I had to delete a lot of my comment in order to have the above posted!

  3. Anyways – I recently discovered that I can bathe with cold water only also – I decided to try it after a hot sticky day – now I\’m Ms. Summer energy saver! No more hot water for me during the summer months. The "cold" water is nice and warm, just like back home in Trinidad!

  4. That is the thing I don\’t have much idle time but I have found a way to always be on this thing. I feed babies in front of it… I shake them to sleep in front of it –you get the picture LOL though I am cutting down. Oh and yes between the hours of 9 and 4 I have help and it is good šŸ™‚

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