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Feeling a wee bit melancholy


Recently I went cruising through my space … I was looking for one of my first posts… which unfortunately it seems spaces has dropped! I didn’t know that they did that but this is the second post that is not longer here Steups. (Trinidad ‘lingo’)

Anyway that is not what this is about I digress.

I did not realize how much good stuff I have here about the children, about my thoughts, about me. It was so interesting re-reading the posts and seeing the pictures. Boy have my children grown. When I started they were such little bits and now they are growing like bamboo shoots tall and hardy.

I have to download the last four years worth of entries and see how I can make it into a book or something because there is so much in here that I would hate to lose.

During my reminiscing I noticed all the comments and visits that I used to get! I had a friend base here… Ms Fay we have been Spaces friends for a long time! People came by just to say hello! Sigh!
Now they are no longer here and many of them are not even blogging anymore. I miss them. It is strange how attached you can become to a person that you have never met and the likelihood of meeting that person is very slim yet you consider them a friend. Do you know that only ONE of my original spaces friends still blogs on spaces. that is just mind boggling. I have managed to keep tabs on some of my ole friends as they ventured off to blogger, wordpress, facebook etc. I guess made easier because I also tried out blogger when i couldn’t access my blog in ’07 so i am here and also here on wordpress because why not.

But there are some that I have lost touch with altogether. And it makes me feel sad… Sigh

Which makes me think of my friend situation in real life- it to is sourly lacking.
This summer I lost my brother-in-law and his family to Abu Dhabi. they flew over the Atlantic and are now firmly transplanted to desert land. Pout.
My cousin moved back to Trinidad in the beginning of summer– she had been here for four years getting her medical degree ( the University in Jamaica is the best if you want to medicine in the Caribbean. Lots of REAL hands-on experience)
Prior to that another friend left just before Christmas also moving back to Trinidad.
I gave up my friends at work when I left to have the babies… I thought it was best to close that chapter in my life. Though one of my friends I miss her dreadfully but it is for the best
So now sad to say in Jamaica I have one maybe two friends.
I know you must be thinking well just make new friends but i have never been good at making friends ( I am kinda shy) and it is worst now. I feel weird calling up someone and saying oh lets do lunch etc. It is just not me and I have tried.

So reading through through this blog and seeing how many have moved on has really left me feeling quite melancholy.


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7 thoughts on “Feeling a wee bit melancholy

  1. I know what you mean, G. Have you thought of a way to print out your blog? Do you think you will copy it to word or something like that? Please let me know because I would like to do the same thing. hugs from the great atlantic northeast!

  2. I found this on line- http://blog2print.sharedbook.com/blogworld/printmyblog/index.html?utm_source=mbc&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=grandma. Thinking of it because it looks good. I would probably back everything up on a word document as you say

  3. Yes, I miss my spaces friends so much!! Tricia, Tysley, Blackstarr, Sherry….. life has just caught up with everyone and taken them on different paths. To be honest, this seems to be more of a chore now. With the core base "friends" gone, I have lost my zeal to do much writing anymore. But I\’m not going to quit! I\’m in this for the long haul. I\’m going to stay around for those who are still around, there\’s enough of us still out here to keep it going.

  4. I moved over to wordpress after my latest blog post. After I posted it, it gave me the option to save my blog entries to my documents. Great way to have the ability to print it!

  5. I moved over to wordpress after my latest blog post. After I posted it, it gave me the option to save my blog entries to my documents. Great way to have the ability to print it!

  6. Miss you too my friend. Tell Fay that I keep trying to leave a comment her space but it won\’t let me:(. I have since moved on to WordPress with a new blog and I just yesterday moved my Spaces blog there too even though I don\’t maintain that one. Anyway, take care of yourself. -T

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