Wazhat! Wahzat!

Freaky little Nicole


Well lo and behold

A little depression over Jamaica turned into a full-blown storm named Nicole!

She was scary because she was sneaky

no one really expected her to be anything


a little rain with some gusty winds, 

but she was more!

With the clap of her hands and the flash of her jewellry

she was destructive

she tore down- houses and roofs

she built up- gullies turned into sidewalks

And when she was finished she moved on leaving her groupies behind

and became just a wave to Florida.

Happy to say that all is well now that lights are back in our household.

It is still very wet but they say that there will be rain way into next week

The plus side to this of course would be that the reservoirs must be all filled after this tremendous downpour.

After a storm it is hard not to reminded how fragile life is.

I say a prayer for those who lost their lives to the raging flood waters caused by Nicole.

I am forever thankful that

that my children have life

that the hubbie has life

and that I have life to enjoy them all.

Thank you God for all that is good and thank you for Life

I am also thankful that I have a roof over my head that is strong

and has only  a few leaks

I am thankful that we have food on the table

and when the lights were off I was and I am still thankful that we have gas and a gas heater!

Thank you God for all that is good


Keep safe everyone.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Freaky little Nicole

  1. Girl you need to move back to Trinidad – lol! Too many storms pass through Jamaica. You know they say God is a trini, so no storms go there – lol! Glad to hear that all is well with you though.

  2. Girl, as for the "big switch" to WordPress, we have two choices – to go or not to go! If you want to continue to write, you go, if not the option is there to delete your space. (pout, pout) So I guess we\’ll all be making the move. See you there!

  3. So thankful you are all safe!

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