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A sad Goodbye

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Sigh well this is it!
My bags are packed and most of my stuff is in storage.
Each step reverberates in the silence

This place is now empty
Yet it  is full
Full of memories
memories of the last four years
of  the friends I have made along the way
the ones that came and went and those that stayed awhile
of my children as they blossomed and grew
the hints of the possibilities that they are showing.
of the changes in me.

Change is inevitable I have found but it aches me to have to embrace this change
this space I will surely miss
The people
my content
this blog
But come tomorrow this space will be a memory
a sweet sweet memory of my introduction to blogging and to writing

So onto new memories and to new friends
Good bye Spaces


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

One thought on “A sad Goodbye

  1. Hey girl
    Just dropping in for a short visit to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
    Maybe I start blogging again when it gets warmer – my pc is currently in the “ice box” area of my living room, so I don’t get on it for extended periods.
    And no, I haven’t yet recovered from loosing my space while “relocating”. (Pout)

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