Wazhat! Wahzat!

Happy New Year

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It’s a new day

a new server

and a New Year

I have never been one to make New Year’s resolutions

so I wouldn’t start this year either

though I do have some goals that have carried over from last year 😀

Me personally:

Still fighting to get back the body I had pre-twins

So I have a pin up of Brooke Burke as my inspiration.

She is 40 and has 4 children as well so come on I have no excuse look at her body!!

I’m getting serious about my exercise regime, adding in some Pilates 🙂

my eating regime as well- It sucks LOL so planning to eat more often and better

Saying good bye to Cheetos and oj for lunch LOL replace with salad 🙂 still crunchy right.

Going to boost my creativity…

I have signed up for a drawing class and I think this year will be the year that I finally take a jewellry class. I have been wanting to learn jewellry for ever!

Really excited about this 🙂

Need to improve my parenting skills

I am struggling with time management and my snappy tongue when dealing with the children and I know it is because it is so many of them and not enough of me to give enough time.

So I need to be creative and practice more patience. I also started a parent’s skill course. Figured I need all the help I can.

Wish me luck.  😀


For some reason it has been hard getting this post out… I miss the old platform it just doesn’t feel like my space anymore. BUT it is my space and I will claim it back.

I probably would be here as often but I will be here.






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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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