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A good Catholic Mother

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Recently I was accused by two unrelated persons of being a good Catholic mother.

I don’t know why but it didn’t sit well with me.

But it is a good thing isn’t it?!

Being recognised and ‘complimented’ as being a good Catholic mother

So why refer to it as being accused .

Maybe it is because I struggle at times with my role as mother.

Maybe some times I sink into the depths of that place that we all go where words of bad mother, impatience, mean mother, not cool mother, you yell too much swirl around trying to make you believe that you are failing?

Maybe it is because I never could take compliments without wondering why it was given.

As I got the comment I smiled yet wondered now how do you know what do you base this on?

But why not rejoice in the fact that I am a good mother?!

I do take all of them to church…. so what if they are grumpy and ask can we leave now at 10 second intervals.

They say grace at each meal… so what if they have to be reminded

They pray at night and will not go to sleep with out saying prayers…. so what if you have to almost yell at them to keep focused on the prayers.

They are generous, caring children they must have gotten it from somewhere.

As I write these down I realise that maybe I should stop seeing only the negatives of mummyhood and focus on the positives ‘Cause then I would notice that I am not doing such a bad job after all.

And though it still makes me feel like a phony ( yes that is what I decided the uneasy feeling is about) I am a good Catholic mother who may not be perfect but like  my children am a Work in Progress.

And instead of questioning  the statement I should embrace it and work to wearing it proudly!


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