Wazhat! Wahzat!

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As I may have mentioned…

I decided to make Brooke Burke my body mentor or idol.

Hey she is the same age as I am, well okay 1 year younger.

She has 4 children like me and she looks smashing

and well I don’t.

That C-Section to deliver the twins really did a number on my stomache region.

2 years later and I am still trying to recover from the girls delivery. I guess turning the big 40 didn’t help the situation either LOL.

Anyway the hubbie knowing my unhappiness with my mid region found the Baby Baboosh and bought it for me

Ok peeps!

I can not breathe!

It is like a girdle.

The thing it does do is make you sit and stand straighter while keeping those lazy stomache muscles in.

I am not entirely comfortable, but I guess that is not the point… wish I had found this last year though

because maybe I would be back to pre-baby boy already!

Will tell you how it works.

(Also got an exercise wrap which is supposed to help you sweat the belly fat off- will also tell you how that goes. )


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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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