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So I was a little bit sick the other day.

i had a kidney infection that went a little haywire and landed me in the hospital.

for a 5 day stint.

3 of those days were really the doctor being over cautious and if you ask me wanting to rack up the bill (yup just a wee bit cynical LOL)

Turns out I have two enlarged kidneys which as far as I can make out mean absolutely nothing big yet I now have my self on an urologist radar.

Now I am facing the task of making sure I never have to spend a night in the hospital again for this reason.

But how do I do that change my diet, drink more water. Pretty basic but still daunting all the same.

Now that I am finally two weeks after finally feeling back to being Me.

So in order to keep me this way I guess even though today I feel like it is daunting to try to straighten out my body and drink more water and cranberry juice and miso soup…. yup everyone has a remedy, I guess in order to keep healthy I will be taking the steps necessary to stay that way!

Wish me luck.


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