Wazhat! Wahzat!

Its that time again

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School started back again today

so this means that summer is over



I didnt get to do all that I wished to do this summer.

I feel as if I wasted it away inside and I am sure I did

and yes that means so did the children 😦

Well in all fairness they learned to play tabletennis

they hit the pool a few times and they had a few movie dates with Mu mmy.

So instead of belabouring all that we didn’t do I think I will end it on the stuff that we did do.

Lots of television punctuated by Wii races and then time swinging up into the heavens. Some paint, lots of crayons yes art was created.

This was a learning summer for the son and he met new therapists in the form of an Occupational and Speech therapist. Whom thankfully he enjoys going to. So that was really productive.

The idea of schooling him at home is really looking very enticing right about now LOL.

We had to look for a new shadow/aide for him as his shadow of 4years resigned in July throwing me into a spiral of anxiety. But God is good and Ibelieve HE has lead the right woman to us. The son seems to like her and the first day back at school went off with out a hitch. I do believe I could do a happy dance not that I am breathing.

Sigh there is so much to think of, to deal with and to sort out when you are a parent. Life could be hard, but I choose to see the positives and remember that summer may not have been what I envisioned but it was so good to have both children home and relaxed.

So what have you been up to?



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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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