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The assignment


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This week’s Write on Edge RemembeRED prompt is to explore your earliest memories of being online. There are two catches: Please do not use the phrase “I remember…” Also? No laundry lists. Try to focus on one small memory and share that with us. Tell us how it impacted your life and what it meant for you.

The homework assignment:

Set up your OWN email account and send an email to the professor as proof that it was done.

All that was running through my head is “this man is mad, he can’t be for real”

I don’t have a computer. There was an audible groan through out the class. Someone in the class mentioned that they didn’t have a computer, to which the professor responded there is a computer lab on the 3rd floor. ARGHHHH!

That place and those computers are scary. Passed by it once and it was loud and certainly very squeaky.  There were lots of whirly noises. Sigh, couldn’t he just give us a paper to write!

And naturally the man wants us to do it without any help.

So off I went to the computer lab feeling as small as an ant and wishing I could fade into the background.

Fear was completely taking over. What if I did something wrong? what if I touched the computer and it broke? (really a silly notion as I had been on a computer a few times before just never on the World Wide Web.)

At least the computer was up and running… and I though knew it was not part of the assignment I asked the lab guy to give some help to get on the www.

This one was set up to click a little globe like icon, couldn’t be easier. Now if only I could remember what came next. Back to guy who is starting to look at me cross-eyed. Oh yes! you had to type in an address on top! The address I had was something called yahoo.com or something like that.

Oh no! oh no I couldn’t find where to put the @#$@#$ address. Why is this so hard.

Now I am laughing because I clicked on something and I find myself no longer on the world wide web. sigh

Back to the computer guy, who clicks and points in rapid fashion.

I feel like a whirlwind has passed over and around me. Totally confused.

But after a few minutes lo and behold there it was YAHOO with a question’ do you want  to sign up?’

After a long questionnaire, I really despise forms, there it was my first email account -hellojoseph@yahoo.com

I sent the professor his email and hurriedly left the lab which was getting more crowded at the email.

There was no doubt in my mind that I’ll never use the account again, and if this professor knew any better he would give me my A and never trouble me like this again.


Fast forward 15 years and God knows that I absolutely ‘die’ without internet access and I not only have one email account I have 4. Yes I said right- 4.

Along with two twitter accounts, facebook and 3 blogs all serving different purposes.

When I think back to that time I always giggle at how anxious I use to be and how fearless I am now in trying new things online.

Installing new software to the computer… now that is a different story.


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7 thoughts on “The assignment

  1. I love this! The unknown really *is* scary and it’s so shocking to think of computers and email and the internet as that unknown! Perfectly captured!

  2. You know what cracks me up? Is that this would NEVER be an assignment nowadays. And that kids are checking their email or texts during classes. How time has changed!

  3. LOL! So true. I felt that same anxiety! What in the world was the point of that stuff? Well, that’s what I thought at the time. So glad life is a bit easier now:) Much more intuitive!

  4. I remember having to use the word processor and being completely overwhelmed.

    One thing – you change tense throughout, from present to past to back.

    And yes, I would die without the internet now!

  5. What a great memory of first exposure to the web!! I remember feeling a lot of the same things, the confusion and WTF OF IT ALL. I really enjoyed reading this !!! Stopping by from #WOE

  6. Great post. Very funny how you couldn’t figure out how to email. It’s amazing how quickly the internet has taken over our lives when at first it all seemed too foreign to comprehend.

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