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D is the letter of the day

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D is for :









All words that are milling around in my head and best describe how I am feeling now about my son and school and most especially getting him to do homework!

I feel desperate everytime I see the amount of homework and the far away look that he gives me as we open the text books. Knowing that there is so much to do and he is not willing.

With the new class, teacher, shuffle of the students and new shadow in the mix and knowing that he is in preparation to take exams I feel so despondent when he just doesn’t have an answer for me that  i know he knows.

So disappointed in me when I snap, yell and fail to encourage. And oh so more discouraged when I realise that geez he appears to forgotten so much.

It is disturbing how behind he is. Filled with dismay I wonder- has it always been did way? How have I missed that he was struggling.

I am distressed because I feel like I am sinking under the pressure – overwhelmed with what needs to be done. And not sure what the next step should be.

Maybe he feels this way too sad


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