Wazhat! Wahzat!




it hits me square between the eyes,

out of no where the pressure builds up

like a vice pressing tighter and tighter

against my skull.

So tight moving seems futile.

Paralyzed by the lights.

The lights are so bright.

blinding me, adding to the pressure.

shhhhh don’t speak!

Must find a dark place

somewhere small, cool, and oh please quiet

to wait, to wait

to wait till this pressure eases.



Joining in on This  week’s  Writing on the Edge’s Remembered prompt
Writing short posts is an excellent way to flex your word choice muscles. Which word is the most clear? Poignant? Direct?
This week I want you to conjure something. An object, a person, a feeling, a color, a season- whatever you like.
But don’t tell me what it is, conjure it.


And in case you are wondering what I conjured…. I conjured up the beginning of a  migraine.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Shhhh!

  1. totally could feel the start of a migraine! blech, no fun.

  2. OUCH. Well done, and I hope you feel better! < : )

  3. migraine – definitely the worst! Great description, as a sufferer myself, I totally got it.

    I really enjoyed this line: “shhhhh don’t speak!”


  4. I think I just got a headache reading this.

    Wonderfully done – but, ow!

  5. I don’t like that feeling at all. Nope.

    It really is a terrible feeling and what makes it worse is that you don’t know if medicine is going to help or when it will stop.

  6. I knew exactly what you were talking about and I am SO glad I don’t get them more than once a year or so. It’s pure agony, which you described so vividly.

  7. I love how yours is like poetry! Just beautiful.

  8. Ugh, no one who gets migraines would have a doubt what you were conjuring. My teeth starting aching immediately. Well written. Now I’m going to go sit in the dark, just in case.

  9. Been there, done that and OUCH. Just OUCH.

  10. I knew it was a migraine and I was cringing for you!

  11. Your description was so vivid you didn’t have to say what you were doing! Excellent job. My head and my eyes hurt for you as I read this.

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