Wazhat! Wahzat!

A little slice of heaven


A cool breeze wafts pass, gently swaying the coconut branches overhead.

They sway from side to side as if to the melodic rhythm of  a calypso.

Casting intricate shapes onto the crispy, crunchy sand that spreads on and on, tempting you

to make up stories of what each shape could be.

But you don’t, because you are too in tuned with the gentle sploosh of the waves breaking onto the shore.

The sky and the sea form one continuous stretch of blue.

The warm sun wraps around you like a cocoon.

Should you be concerned of a coconut finding its way onto your head? No, not even that chatty girl who is making her way over to you can break your peace.

Eyes slowly close and you thank God for these great beauty and for life.

I know I know the image doesn’t match the words but I love this image of water and sky merging and no visible difference can be found.

This is my attempt at this the Red Writting Hood Prompt- Setting. Hope I did okay.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

17 thoughts on “A little slice of heaven

  1. I really like the part where you mention the chatty girl. Love the pic!

  2. “Sploosh” is one of my favorite words ever!

  3. This was lovely and poetic. I love the image of the sky meeting the water. Sigh.

    Two small things: overhead is one word, and “it’s” should be its.

    Really loved this prose!

  4. Love the way you use your conjunction here at the beginning of the life: “But you don’t…”

    Calm and peaceful – really well done!

  5. The beach (pretty much any beach– I’m not picky) is my favorite place to go! Your description took me there!

  6. A beach, the sun, needing a rest… you took me there 🙂

  7. Poetic, lovely, magical- love!

  8. This totally charmed me- I loved every single word! I’d like to be on that beach right now:)

  9. I heard this spoken aloud as I read. Nothing is more peaceful than the beach, as if every ounce of tension is carried out with each waves’ receeding water.

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