Wazhat! Wahzat!

22 Things I have done:


1.) Jumped from a coast guard boat into the Caribbean Sea. (In training to be a flight attendant)

2.) Swam four laps free style in an Olympic sized pool without coming up for air.

3.) Taught myself to be a graphic artist.

4.) Delivered naturally without drugs.

5.) Was induced the second time around and am still wondering why I was worried about it.

6.) Was pregnant with twins and lived to talk about it.

7.) 2 years later finally found time to sleep

8.) Had a c-section for the girls hated every moment of it and the recovery from it!

9.) Walk through New York City on New Year’s Eve- exhilarating.

10.) Been to Disney World tHree times.

11.) Packed up and moved to Jamaica and now call it home. ( Miss my Mum and sisters though)

12.) Walked through Sweden in the dead of winter to get something to eat. It was COLD very very cold and dark.

13.) Acquired a taste for fries drizzled with mayonnaise in Frankfurt.

14.) Took the tube by myself in England

15.) Walked around Hyde Park amazed at the artistic talent that is out there.

16.) Was proposed to directly across from the  Eiffel Tower. So that the tower could be the back drop of our pics. Yes my hubbie is a romantic 😀

17.) Co-started a parent support group for parents with autism.

18.) and we put together a Surfing for Autism event-  first of its kind in Jamaica on a shoe string budget. It was amazing- most importantly the children loved it.

19.) Blew bubbles with my children.

20.) Danced with abandon with my girls.

21.)  finally wrote a post using one of Mama’s losing it’s writer’s prompt.

22.) signed up to write a Novel in a month. Wish me luck!

22.) told and continue to tell my family that I love them ( and my extended  family too)

Wow. Taking part in Mama’s Kat’s Losing it writer Prompt  write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. So I couldn’t link up but I had fun doing this list . Good reminder of all the interesting things that I have done.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “22 Things I have done:

  1. Just found your blog through Mama Kat’s and I love, love your list. Your extensive travel and living in Jamaica. Just amazing. I also have a niece with autism so I automatically felt my heart skip a beat when reading about the surf camp. How unique. My niece has enjoyed a similar experience through horseback riding.
    Many blessings for more bubbles and dancing.-J

  2. What an amazing list! I could only dream of some of these things! Particularly love #16 – how sweet. 🙂 And I had to laugh at #21 – this was my first time using the prompt, too!

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