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Duggars do it again

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Sooo I may offend some but luckily my readership is very low on this blog LOL. For the few that do pop in and visit I am sorry if this offends.

I can not believe that the Duggars are pregnant again.

20 babies/ children wow!

First I have to commend Mrs. Duggar for having the strength to be pregnant so often and still be patient and smiling with her children. She and her husband should give classes on how to raise children.

Now that I have said that I think somebody should tell Mr. Duggar to leave his wife bloddy alone for a few.PLEASE.

Geez he is not giving her any time to get her body back up to normal before he starts hitting her up for sex. I mean really hasn’t her doctors told her that being pregnant so often is running her body ragged. I know mine flat out told me no more children when I had the twins.

I also sat in on a presentation and the presenter was very clear that the body needs time to heal between pregnancies and that if you are pregnant before your body is ready that you maybe susceptible to having a children with a developmental or intellectual disorder.

And people keep asking if the parents are able to give each child the attention that they need and I am sure they don’t. I only have four and I albeit not as organised or spirtual as they are struggle to give each person undivided attention. Having a special needs child myself and twins just about 2 means that the second child gets lost in the fray all the time. Homework is a disaster for me every night as it is just me and four of them. Mind you if they are smart, and I think their parenting skills are good, they would give each child a good quality minute. What I see happening with the Duggar children is that the older children take care of the younger children. So they may not be neglected but… really it is the older children that have to be the responsible one.

So my point is still the same Mr. Duggar please give poor Mrs. Duggar a rest!


I forgot to mention when I wrote this post that on the flip side I understand the joy babies/ children. I have had four and at times it isa bit depressing to think  that I wouldn’t be having anymore. As I said before find it had to give my children the attention they need as it is so can’t think of  adding any more. So as much as I still think Mr. Duggar could go easy on Mrs. Duggar I want to congratulate them on this pregnancy and I say a prayer that this pregnancy would go easy and smoothly for her.


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