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Stream of consciousness- not accomplished

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I am so far behind on my NANOWRIMO challenge.

I really not sure if I would be making the word count,

I should be at 33,00 words and …. I am not

I am fighting right now to reach 16,000

there are only 8 more days.

Oh sigh who knew it would be so hard to write something that is swimming around in my head.

I  feel like a failure I don’t understand why? because this was a test that i was just doing as a whim.

But it sure feels as … you never finish anything.

Oh well the positive I take from this is that I honestly could write a novel if I wanted too. It may not be great but it will come.

And yeah I have reached 16000 so maybe I can do it after all.

Ok I am laughing at myself now.


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