Wazhat! Wahzat!


Ok I am a little bit late for Write on Edge promptThis week’s RemembeRED prompt from Write on Edge was to write “Where is your quiet place? What does it look like? What happens there?”

I didn’t think I had the brain space to do any extra writing because I have been attempting the NANOWRIMO challenge but struggling with it so I am taking a break.

But here I go giving it a try. 


It’s 10:00 o’clock sleep burns my eyes

I should be asleep yet still I sit, no make that lounge

most lights are off

save for one.

Left on to keep the thieves, the spirits and boogie monsters at bay.

the only song to be heard comes from the television

which entices me with entertainment and a chance for a giggle

All else around me is still and at rest.

Sitting here on the couch by myself

I am free to unwind, and declutter my head of all that the day brought.

Free of children and husbands with demands.

Right here on the couch with the remote in my hand

There is quiet and at last I allowed to just be.



Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “

  1. Yes, this. This state of just being is truly fabulous, isn’t it?

    {I’m so very glad that you decided to write!}

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