Wazhat! Wahzat!

Not a NANOWRIMO winner

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Well I didn’t win the NANOWRIMO challenge.

I started to beat myself about not ever finishing anything and not being disciplined enough

BUT then I realised the challenge itself is about writing and the decision to write

And I took on that challenge didn’t I?

Last week Thursday as the deadline loomed overhead and the realization that I was barely half way to the count it I conceded defeat to the NAnoWRI MO however not before acknowledging the following facts:

Here are a few things about myself  that I learned in taking on this challenge
1) Boy do I have an imagination,
2) You can fall in love with your characters!
3) I am not ready for guerilla writing and I am resigned to the fact that I did not win the challenge. Oh well still intend to finish the novel whether it is readable or not. LOL




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