Wazhat! Wahzat!

Oh no the hair.


Rowena sat slumped at her desk.

A curl, well what was supposed to be a curl, grasped firmly between two finger.

Twirling it around her finger, she glanced at the mirror across from her and almost gasped at her image.

A pouf of kinky, frizzy mass stood in place of what should have been her hair.

So much for channelling Halle Berry with that hair style, she thought, it was looking more like Ludacris in his early days.

She was feeling glum. And each spiky, frizzy strand of hair  seemed to mirror that feeling.

Not for the first time she wondered how closely twined her hair and mood always were.

She was a great believer that your best accessory is a great hairstyle. And the accessory in the mirror sucked.

A ball dropping on the desk brought her attention back to the melee that was her living room at that moment.

Children were piled high on the cushions that were no longer on their respective place of the couch or chair.

It appears that the game of Pirates had given way to a game of catch.

Geez, it struck Rowena that all those shrieking children were hers, four children who would have thought it.

She had been home with them all day and she was losing it. No wonder she and her hair were fighting the glum monster.

Yes she thought she would make an appointment and cut it all off maybe add a colour or two.

Halle Berry would have nothing on her…. well except maybe three less children.

With that thought she smiled and threw the ball back to the waiting child.

Change was good sometimes and it starts with her hair.

Taking part in Red Writing Hood this week. We were asked to write about hair. So many of us have a love-hate relationship with it. For some of us, it’s our defining feature. Whatever it means to you – or to your characters – we want to know about it. Just 300  words to write it in.


Author: kidfriendlyja

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9 thoughts on “Oh no the hair.

  1. Nicely written piece! Really enjoyed it.

  2. I liked how you twined the hair and the mood. Awesome!

  3. This was very fun. I giggled at Ludacris. Hair does match my mood a lot of days!!

  4. I loved descriptions like “A pouf of kinky, frizzy mass” perfect in details!

    And I love that last line- go her!

  5. Love how it ended. She’s right-Halle will have nothing on her! And the picture of Luda is just perfect!

  6. “She was a great believer that your best accessory is a great hairstyle. And the accessory in the mirror sucked.”

    This line is perfect! If my character had been born 60 or so years later, I would have had her say that exact thing! Great job on making this so believable. I think we’ve all hated our hair at one time-and had those moments of quiet desperation about our lives-and dreaming of a new hairstyle makes it all ok:)

  7. Well written, enjoyable post!!

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