Wazhat! Wahzat!

A link up and an update of sorts


All of a sudden I blinked and Tuesday was over and I missed the WOE Remembered link up !

Oh well but I am still doing it here,

the prompt asked “to come up with a title and tagline that captures your life, or a moment from your life.”

I have a chosen to tagline right now this minute!


With each check-up finds out she is slowly falling apart


Well I am still with asthma and I am really not impressed. Yes I said with asthma. I honestly thought I would have kicked it to the sidewalk awhile ago, but no one month later we are still together. I still find myself frantically reaching for that inhaler with shaky hands and drawing from it greedily as I would expect a junkie would do as he or she dives into their daily hit. Just so that I can breathe without wheezing or pain.

It makes me tired… well I guess it only makes sense that I am having difficulty breathing that my body and brain would be tired. Looking forward to the end of the silly cold season to get back to my normal self.

and here is a tagline for my life right now.



loving mother, good wife in progress, donning her shield daily to do battle with the homework dragon.


Sigh school is back in session 2 week now and bad Mummy that I am I have already allowed one ‘sick’ day to my son ..yes he was so not sick his sister was but not him! And I also sat and played with him when he had a bag full of homework and then sent him off to bed with not even a glance again at the school bag.

I am hating homework as much as he is right about now… maybe more. And well the teacher did say that he should do it by himself and well since he didn’t even look at it by himself  well I figured I did my part. Yeah I know bad mummy

Trying to do homework with a special needs kiddie is just no fun… it is no fun with a typical child either if that child just doesn’t want to do it. My very creative children both hate creative writing LOL.



Gayle, living a life crammed with kiddies and loving their enthusiasm for life.

My honeys are all growing up so fast that it is scary. They may stress me out and cause me to yell but they sure make my heart swell with love and pride and just good ole happiness. So all in all the year is coming along nicely and though can’t seem to find time for myself everything is A-ok.

Hope everyone is A-Ok as well.

Happy New Year by the way

(so what if the year is 18 dys old)



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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A link up and an update of sorts

  1. These taglines are all so cute and creative.

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