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It’s been such a long while, but I was under some stress with the children and then the hubbies and then I took a vacay by myself which was so worth it that all the stress was shelved for 7 days and that felt good. But came back sick. Tired of this old age thing now. LOL

Anyway joining in on the Write on Edge challenge this week.

This week, the prompt was to go to This Day In Music, and discover what was number 1 on the charts in the United States, England or Australia the day you or your character was born, or any other special day in your/their life.

You were to listen to the song(s) and let it inspire you. In 300 words or less.

Luckily for me this was my song

I am a big fan of the Carpenters, yup showing my age 😀

The morning was already getting hot  Rowena looked around, biting down on her lip.

She looked back down on the hymn book that was almost falling off of her lap. Oh goodness she thought and giggled softly her thoughts were definitely not one of someone sitting in Sunday Mass.

“Come on Rowena, settle down” she chided herself and picked up the hymn book and joined in with the congregation. She sighed through the hymn and before long her thoughts ran right back to where it was before. She was so sure that she would see him today. She could feel it in her gut that he would be here in church and she would get to see him. She just wanted to see him, not talk to him, not touch him, just see him.

‘Stop it Rowena! listen to the priest.’ from the side she felt more than heard a movement in the pew behind her. Very  casually and oh so nonchalantly she sneaked a look  in the direction of the movement. She almost slide out of her seat. There he was, sitting behind her. Tall, lean and handsome. So close.

She could have been standing in the middle of a field, alone, she heard nothing, all she was aware of  was him sitting right behind her. And then everyone was standing and it was time for peace. She made her self act natural, turned around and there he was smiling back at her.

She stuck her hand out and taking it he said her name. Hearing him say her name was like a sweet caress to her cheek.  She hadn’ t even known that he knew her name. She turned back around but she was soaring. He knew her name and all was good with the world.



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