Wazhat! Wahzat!

Alien fingers


My youngest sister is 9 years and 6mths younger that I am. She came into my life and very happily upended/ intruded on the sister bonding of my other sister and myself. Being so much younger than us older girls she put alot of effort trying to be included, to be a just like us and as a result she was just plain annoying.

So as big sisters can be, one day when she was being particularly annoying grabbing for something I looked at her fingers— she had these wonderfully slender, long, perfect for piano playing fingers– and told her with a scoff-

‘You know only an alien would have such long skinny fingers!  Take them off of me!’

Being the confident, spoilt brat that she was/is, it slid off her back like water does off a duck. But she did move her hands, making me giggle. Yes I could be a meanie.

And when ever I felt to pull up her socks I would call her an alien and she would bite out a retort that her daddy says she is beautiful so there! Which she is.

I live a few thousand miles away now so we three sisters, especially me and the youngest, keep in touch through BlackBerry messenger.

Last week she sent me a picture of this long, skinny thing looking like a piece of string laying on the ground right outside of the kitchen door. Not wanting to believe what I thought it was I bb’ed …‘WTH is that!!!!!’

To which she responded…On my planet they call it a snake!

Not to be outdone I said –

And which planet is it you hailing from these days?

Oh come on I couldn’t resist!

Of course she LOL LOL. as did I.

Still am actually.

I haven’t done this in ages brain has been busy busy so excited that today I am joining on the Write on Edge RemembeRed prompt:-

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we asked were asked to write about a time that a prank, joke, or piece of gossip twisted out of control, producing unexpected results. Unexpected doesn’t have to mean negative! We can’t wait to read about a time when something meant to be funny turned into something…else. The word limit was 350 words

Hope I did a good job.


Author: kidfriendlyja

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5 thoughts on “Alien fingers

  1. Very, very cute story. Of course, you need to razz the young one. I’m happy she played along.

    Visiting from WOE

  2. “On my planet we call it a snake”. The punchline is always a kicker.

  3. I was an only child for 13 years. By then I didn’t have the closeness you described with my brother. But your story made me remember the joking, poking, prickly comments that my three oldest children enjoyed. Nice story.

  4. It’s always interesting to see how sibling relationships are changed by the introduction of another sibling, particularly one so much younger. I think it’s sweet (and funny) that the joke has lasted for so long.

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