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10 things


Awhile ago MamaKatslosingit writing prompt was 10 things you miss about being alone. I have been thinking about it alot and though I love my children to bits and I wouldn’t change spending all my time with them for anything in the world there are somethings that I miss for sure.

1) My weekends- My weekends are no longer mine!  They belong to the brood I wake up before six with them  and don’t stop going until the olders leave for school on Monday. I miss just lazing around doing nothing if I feel like. Sleeping until whatever time I want to on Saturday and Sunday.

2) I miss Law & Order and CSI because honestly those shows are just not fit for little eyes viewing or do I want to answer the questions that some of the scenes would illicit.

3) I miss my pillows. if it is not the hubbie trying to take them over it is a child or two claiming them as theirs.

4) Painting I don’t paint as much because it always always always turns into a five person fest with newspaper strewn everywhere paint smeared everywhere else and ending with muddy murky water spilling all over the dining table.

5) Gone are the days of being impromptu. No siree being impromptu with 4 children, 2 of them under three is just not something that happens.

6) hanging out sans clothing in my room…. oops ok I still do this except I close the door now.

Well look at that it seems that I am stuck at 6 who would have thought.

mind you I probably could repeat number 1 three or four times to make it to ten that is how much I really really miss my weekends.

But it seems that though some of the things I do genuinely miss I happily do with out them because I have my sweeties . awwww never knew I had it in me.

Not bad for a girl that never wanted children ( didn’t think I could handle the stress of parenting though the verdict is still out)


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2 thoughts on “10 things

  1. No verdict is out! If I were a betting person I would put all I have down that you are a fantastic parent!

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