Wazhat! Wahzat!


I have been in a kind of a strange funk for awhile now not inspired to do anything no writing, no drawing, no painting not even trolling the net commenting at my favourite bloggers posts

so it is actually perfect that I am starting back on this blog with a post to link up with

this week’s prompt to list 10 things you need to be enough.

1) Free time- on the computer preferably. i find after I have surfed, pinned, commented and played three games of Words with Friends I am good to write.

2) Sister love. I am so happy that my sisters have started a group for just us three sisters have been keeping me sane, their daily pings of love and support and the occasional vent about our Mother keeps me connected.  I need this cause I miss my family so much.

3) No homework. I recently along with the hubbie made a decision about our son’s schooling and that has made me feel relief. Homework used to be a big issue for me and him. I would be stressed and he would be wailing because the homework was too much and too hard. I stopped making it an issue, most days we just don’t do it and I let him be. It doesn’t matter if he gets A or F any more and surprisingly my son and I are okay with that. ( Oh and the decision we made … as of September the son will be home-schooled :D)

4) Laughter is good. This morning it suddenly occurred to me that I like to laugh. Big laugh out loud guffaws of laughter. It is going to be my mission to indulge in laughter at least once everyday!

5) Choosing Happiness. A twitter friend asked recently if your default mood was happiness or not! And I was stomped a few years back I would have without hesitation said my default mood was happiness. I am not so sure now… but happiness is the mood I like to be in and that is what I am working at to be in at all times.

6) Clutter free. Clutter has been getting the best of me… I am slowly clearing away some stuff, cleared my desk area and I am shocked at how much clearer the brain is feeling.

7) Colouring. Colour time with the girlies. Something about colouring outside the lines with my girls makes me feel ok so I try for that everyday.

8) Fresh air. I have been getting such joy watching the older children master their bicycles. So yes we are outside everyday taking in the air and working up a sweat.

9) Exercise. I still can’t do strenous exercise. I am shaking my head as I write this… just this fact makes me feel old. Any activity faster than walking has been resulting into a good old wheeze complete with chest tightening. So I stopped doing cardio. But I need to get back my body I refuse to give in to the inevitable droop that is happening. So I am trying yoga and it is working I feel as I have  exercised, yes there is the hurt, but so far no wheezing yay!

10) Unplug more and just be … with myself and then with my kiddies.


Well that’s my ten. Not sure if I answered the question but it was what came out.

(oops missed the linkup oh well small things)



Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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  1. Such insight! You will be just fine, my friend. Sometimes identifying what is making us down is the first step to healing. I’m so glad this site is finally working for me!

  2. Totally agree about choosing happiness! Because it really is a choice almost all of the time.

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