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It’s all in the attitude

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the shower head broke in our bathroom and we had water spew all over the room.

so to have a shower the husband removed the shower head and the water flowed straight from the pipe.

I thought it very inconvenient. BUT

My daughter jumped into the shower and exclaimed with delight …”I am bathing in a fountain YAY!!”

and you know when it was my turn I couldn’t help but giggle because I honestly didn’t see a busted shower but a fountain. LOL


I wrote this list 2 weeks ago and I thought I would share.

20 things I am grateful for right now:-

  1. New Friends
  2. Warm weather ( it has gone all grey and down right nippy been in a sweater all day)
  3. Fun family moments
  4. time to spend with my family
  5. my talents
  6. Pinterest
  7. Diane being in town (my sister in law) (She went back to Canada)
  8. Technology:- it keeps me in touch with my family and friends through facebook, internet, phone, bbm 😀
  9. Being healthy ( all the kiddies and I have gotten a flu and are on meds)
  10. my children
  11. love
  12. God’s prescence
  13. God
  14. my children’s health ( had to nebulise the youngest she and her twin have a respiratory infection)
  15. Finding an educational CD that the big daughter is actually using
  16. Food on the table
  17. Gas in the car
  18. Hair on my head, albeit it is unruly and going grey. I still have plenty
  19. roof over our head
  20. Being alive to talk about it all.

It does make a huge difference being thankful does it not.

Updated a little bit  we are sick but you know what still have lots to be grateful for.



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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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