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My dog.

My fifth child (as I call him sometimes) bit me.

Yes me! on my hand.

I have counted about 15 puncture wounds and one large gash.

A gash that required some sutures to hold the skin together.

It was such a painful experience.

I felt like a big baby as I cried freely, blubbering as the nurse washed off the wound.

As I sat there helplessly applying pressure to and elevating my hand going through my head was Stupid dog ! Why did i get bite? Wow that happened so fast! A perfectly normal Father’s Day Sunday just totally destroyed. Thank God it wasn’t one of the children!

Of course I know why I was bitten. The poor dog got his foot laced through the wrought iron grill and he was yelping in pain and thought I was going to hurt him more so he bit and bit me hard! Sigh

It was a really surreal experience.

Not having my right hand to use has been really frustrating and kinda humbling. I need help with everything from eating to bathing. Putting on clothes has been interesting, lots of strapless dresses.

i really wondered what lesson i was to learn from this experience and then I realized that for an entire week no one looked at me for anything.

I lay in bed with my hand propped up all day (I couldn’t even wiggle the other fingers for awhile) and it was okay. There was no guilt on my part because I honestly couldn’t help anyone because along with the pain the painkillers knocked me out which was a good thing because the stress of the dog bite experience cause me to wheeze which always always drains me.  And there was no guilt from the children as they were so traumatized by the whole thing they wanted me to stay in bed and get better. The white bandage was a reminder that they rather not see. LOL

But from the experience I learned that the house would not fall apart if I took a break. And I think my husband learned that I do do alot because he had to take up the slack.

I also learned that my eldest daughter can make a really good cup of tea. And she sure can comb her sisters hair well.

It seems strange to think that just maybe God decided that I needed to stay at home in my bed for a week.

Keeping a positive outlook

and happy to report that 9 days later I can type and write a little. I still cant over do but it looks like my hand would heal and be back to normal with just a scar to remind me.






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One thought on “Ouch

  1. How horrible! Glad you are healing and seeing the bright side.

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