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None of it is original

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I believe in the theory that all ideas and innovations exist in a deep swirling pool lurking somewhere over our heads that is available for all of us to dip into. It is quite possible for more than one person to reach for the same idea at the same time. Because each person is different the results usually comes out vastly different.

Well that is assuming that each person does something with the idea.

I am reminded of this on a daily basis. Just today in fact I was playing with an idea for some Christmas cards (along with my writing I am attempting to reboot my artistic painting side) and as I open my instagram there is a similar look to what I was thinking. Arrrgggh.

Fortunately, I have adopted another philosophy- Your work will always be different, even the result looks similar to someones reproduction,  simply because you are different and you put your stamp on it.



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One thought on “None of it is original

  1. Interesting thoughts.

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