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Wake up

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A while back, okay maybe a few years ago I felt like God was telling me to wake at 5:00am to start my day. To pray, meditate, exercise to get me into a good frame of mind for the day I guess.

But 5:00am is hard for me. I can’t function if I wake a minute before 6. Strangest thing. My body and mind is not wired that way. I need 8 hours of sleep.

But you know God he is patient and takes his time and then he has a whale swallow you up so that you can really consider his position. LOL

First he gave me twin girls who didn’t like the idea of sleep so I find that I adjusted to needing less sleep but still waking at 5am was hard. And then the big daughter started high school and the bell rings at 7:20 so I started setting an alarm at 5:30 and letting it snooze at least twice.

And lately God has decided enough is enough and he has been waking me up at 4:00am.

Yes I said 4. Brain alert and thinking, eyes wanting to pop open. BUT. I stay in my bed.

And at 5 I am up and out.

Today Saturday is no different.

Honestly though I am enjoying the quiet, the meditation and the sunrises. And most of all the calm that I think it is instilling in me. Thank you God.


“This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.””Ephesian 5:14


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One thought on “Wake up

  1. Isn’t a wonderful time with Him? So quiet and much easier to hear His voice. I, too, am not a morning person but He wakes up my mind when I am obedient to Him. Bless you, dear one.

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