Wazhat! Wahzat!

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Feeling grateful :D

Today I had a rare boost of euphoria

Don’t know why or where it came from

and I suspect it may not last long

so tapping into it and sharing all the many things I have to be grateful for.

So happy and ever filled with gratitude for

My wonderful children

that exams are almost over

me being a stay at home mum at this time

happy for times to cuddle and snuggle with my two

for boxes of crayon and sheets of paper

and nubbly little fingers that draw so sweetly

the piano that all the children are enjoying

and the sweet music that their untrained fingers are producing ( seriously they are not bad)

that there is rain because apparently the island is going through a drought

the caring people that help take care of my children

my afternoon cup of tea

the colour orange that is on my living room wall.

a day free from coughing, throat tickling or wheezing

healthy children

children who like to read

and just down right grateful for life šŸ˜€


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Sweet girl

Poor sweetie has been ill this week

and could barely muster up a smile much less a hilarious face like these.

But today she is back to normal and being everything thing written here in pink, her favourite colour of course.


All of a sudden I blinked and Tuesday was over and I missed the WOE Remembered link up !

Oh well but I am still doing it here,

the prompt asked “to come up with a title and tagline that captures your life, or a moment from your life.”

I have a chosen to tagline right now this minute!


With each check-up finds out she is slowly falling apart


Well I am still with asthma and I am really not impressed. Yes I said with asthma. I honestly thought I would have kicked it to the sidewalk awhile ago, but no one month later we are still together. I still find myself frantically reaching for that inhaler with shaky hands and drawing from it greedily as I would expect a junkie would do as he or she dives into their daily hit. Just so that I can breathe without wheezing or pain.

It makes me tired… well I guess it only makes sense that I am having difficulty breathing that my body and brain would be tired. Looking forward to the end of the silly cold season to get back to my normal self.

and here is a tagline for my life right now.



loving mother, good wife in progress, donning her shield daily to do battle with the homework dragon.


Sigh school is back in session 2 week now and bad Mummy that I am I have already allowed one ‘sick’ day to my son ..yes he was so not sick his sister was but not him! And I also sat and played with him when he had a bag full of homework and then sent him off to bed with not even a glance again at the school bag.

I am hating homework as much as he is right about now… maybe more. And well the teacher did say that he should do it by himself and well since he didn’t even look at it by himselfĀ  well I figured I did my part. Yeah I know bad mummy

Trying to do homework with a special needs kiddie is just no fun… it is no fun with a typical child either if that child just doesn’t want to do it. My very creative children both hate creative writing LOL.



Gayle, living a life crammed with kiddies and loving their enthusiasm for life.

My honeys are all growing up so fast that it is scary. They may stress me out and cause me to yell but they sure make my heart swell with love and pride and just good ole happiness. So all in all the year is coming along nicely and though can’t seem to find time for myself everything is A-ok.

Hope everyone is A-Ok as well.

Happy New Year by the way

(so what if the year is 18 dys old)



8:00 pm

Tick tock tick tock

One last wordĀ  and this story is done.

I watch as the minutes get closer and closer to the time of sleep.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I lead the children in a prayer.

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep.Ā 

Stop that I say! kicking your sister is not allowed. Feet are for walking and not for kicking.

If I should die before I wakeĀ Ā  Get on your pillow and say your prayers.

no no no this is not the time to be flipping through books!

Clasp your hands and close your eyes. didn’t you hear me say?

I pray the Lord my Soul to take. Who’s jumping on the bed.

God Bless Daddy, Mummy and you too.

Kisses and hugs and water for some.

With a toss and a turn, eyes heavy with sleep close down tight

And at 8pm on the dot our house is now filled with sweet little cherubsĀ  all rosy and round lost in the land of dreams

Now it is time for the adults to play.

Well considering I am drawing a blank with my NANOWRIMO project I thought I would join in on this weeks Write on the Edge Red Writing Hood prompt. Strange trying to keep the word count down for this . This week we were asked to take them to our version of 8:00 -AM or PM, fiction or creative nonfiction- in 200 words or less.

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Movie choices

I am really such an overprotective mother.

Especially when it comes what shows my children see.

The big daughter’s best friend birthday lunch at Wendy’s and movie celebration is tomorrow

With the choice of movies being KungFu Panda and Mr. Popper’s Penguin’s.

Honestly I would never consider taking my children to see Mr. Popper’s penguin

and upon review it is filled with double entendres, mischief, some sexy content and some foul words…

Well as per http://www.pluggedin.com/movies/intheaters/mrpopperspenguins.aspx

I am in a quandry should I send off the daughter and hope they choose Kung Fu Panda?

Which though is filled with violenceĀ  http://www.pluggedin.com/movies/intheaters/kungfupanda2.aspx and I am sure will have a scary villian or two hmmmm!

I am sure neither show would be scaring but I prefer to delay as much as I can some of the issues that lots of these shows deal with in the guise of animation and comedy.


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Reading the report after an assessment has been done on your child has to be the hardest thing anyone has to go through…

especially if the report is not in any way shape or form saying what you thought you knew.


my head and heart is hurting.