Wazhat! Wahzat!

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maybeThe homeschool message is not really why I posted this image. I have been toying with a similar thought as it pertains to our interactions with people specifically our parents as they are getting older.

I was lamenting as to why my father and mother have been having such a hard time with the aging process. Daddy is suffering thru diabetes which is causing kidney issues and of course bringing in dementia type issues … he can’t take care of himself.

And well Mummy has Dementia as well¬† she was diagnosed with Alzhemier’s Dementia but I believe it is actually Frontotemporal Dementia which is very interesting and hard. She can take care of herself but requires supervision and constant entertainment. She would argue that she doesn’t need supervision if her words would just communicate with what is going on in her head. Her words have been curtailed to just a few– Please. God Bless and No Please. I guess it could be worse.

So yes I was lamenting as to why they are both good God fearing church going heavily involved caring people why such a hard, stress-filled ending. Then it made me wonder could it be that it was not about them but about us and how we deal with the situation how as person step up to the plate and show them love. We being my sisters, her sisters, my husband and myself. Could it be that they are suffering so that we can work through this challenge and grow.

I have to admit that having my mother here with me for the last few months (4) has been challenging. It has opened up my eyes to a side of me that I didn’t know was there. It has raised things and feelings that I didn’t realise I had hidden.¬† Not understanding someone is frustrating. Communication or lack of it really does make life challenging. I have always seen myself as patient, caring, sensitive and understanding. BUT I haven’t been I have been resistant, impatient, angry and in a constant state of annoyance that is upsetting for me to witness as I observe as a bystander.

I remember watching my sister and mother handle my uncle who had Parkinson Disease as if he was a 5 year old and I said that is not right. We must remember that even though they are old you have to show them the respect that their age requires. Yet here I am finding it ‘necessary’ to treat my 72 year old mother as if she was 7.

The ‘change’ or the revelation of this side of me has certainly made me search for calmness through prayer and meditation. I do hope that their challenge with old age would not be wasted and that I am able to acquire the change that is required of me.